Mitey Media – Artist Bios

Gennifer Meldrum is a biologist and a dance and video artist who often merges these domains in curious ways. As a scientist, she considers how spatial dynamics or the movement of organisms between habitat patches in a landscape affects the ability of ecosystems to recover from disturbance. As a dancer, she explores the dynamics created as the human body moves through space in relation to the environment and other bodies. She is fond of using video technology to manipulate time and space to open new possibilities for dance and the investigation of animal behaviour. This fascination has led her to experiment with interactive video projection for live performance in collaboration with wrOngelectrOn. The beauty in nature is a great source of artistic inspiration for Gennifer, which has been reflected in video projects featuring her study subjects (The.Moss.Mite.Project, Mitey Media) and site-specific dance pieces (élan, All the Time). Her dance films have been screened at the Fluid Arts Movement Festival and the Ming Short Film Festival in Calgary, AB. She holds a BSc in Biology with a minor in Dance from the University of Calgary and is currently completing an MSc in Ecology at the University of British Columbia.

More information on Gennifer’s video projects can be found on her YouTube stream here:

Luke Moloney is a technology artist, engineer, inventor, photographer and videographer from Vancouver, Canada. Luke is the founder of the Pandora Benvolent Society and for the past several years he’s been working on a number of media arts installation and performance projects including Mitey Media, Replay Your Tea With Me, Fête Mobile, MDCN Mobile Cartographic Command Centre, SnapDancr and Disembodied Projection.

Luke has been a professional software developer for almost 20 years, primarily involved in development of computer game software. Luke was a founder of the Vancouver-based computer game development company Relic Entertainment Inc., where he was lead programmer on the award-winning Homeworld series of games. In addition, he has worked on a variety of projects at other game companies including 33 Magnetic, Auran systems Pty, Big Bang Software, Radical Entertainment, Xanth Software F/X, BitMotion Software and Electronic Arts.

More information on many of Luke’s technology art projects can be found here:

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