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  • Maker Faire from the Aire

    At the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire (June 23-24, 2012) we flew a small multi-rotor robot around a number of times and recorded an aerial view of most of the event. Here’s a sampler of what the Maker Faire looked like from the air(e).

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  • Mitey Media at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum (Video)

    On Feb 26, 2012 Mitey Media was exhibited at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC. This was a one-day showing to test out the software and hardware, and also to proof how this sort of work will be received by the public. It was quite well received, and we are working on a series of upcoming shows, and possibly a long-term exhibit at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum.

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  • Dances with Sea Wolves

    I’ve pasted together a few clips of diving with Sea Lions earlier this year. A picture is with a thousand words, so a video should be at least worth that many. So rather than describing the event, please watch the video.

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  • Replay Your Tea With Me: Scenes from the Solstice

    Replay Your Tea With Me was exhibited as part of the 18th annual Secret Lantern Society’s Winter Solstice Lantern Festival at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Chinatown. Replay Your Tea With Me was installed in the Scholar’s Study from 6-10 pm, 21 December, 2011. The Garden received almost 4000 visitors, many of who visited Replay Your Tea With Me.

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  • Wasp Removal

    Wasp Removal from PandoraBenevolentSocietyNewMedia on Vimeo.

    Some wasps built a nest near my house and, getting larger as it was, I decided to get rid of it, humanely. I stuffed them into a box which was lit by some LED strip lighting while a GoPro camera recorded their antics. Then, we took them to a wooded area and recovered the camera with a sharp yank. Nobody got stung.

    From the look of them, they are bald-faced hornets (Dolichovespula maculata). Though wikipedia says they are:

    more aggressive than both the wasps normally called yellowjackets and members of the Vespa genus

    I actually found them rather mild-mannered, both while boxing them up and before, when they were just local fauna. Harris (1984) seems to agree, stating:

    Although the occurrence of aerial hornet nests may alarm people, the bald-faced hornet is not a serious pest in North America. Its workers” mostly forage for live prey” (Akre et al. 1981) and have a preference for other vespine species and flies. According to Akre et al. (1981) D. maculata is not particularly aggressive, nor are its workers “as sensitive to disturbance around the nest as some of the other, smaller species. Furthermore, it has a tendency to nest fairly high in trees, reducing the likelihood of contact between humans and many colonies”. Although Akre et al. (1981) describe their work as a compendium of data on “pestiferous vespines”, they conclude that “unless a [D. maculata] colony is located in close proximity to human activity, this species should not be regarded as a pest but rather as a colourful and beneficial part of the American insect fauna”

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  • A Life Quixotic with Adrian Sinclair

    At Adrian Sinclair’s 30th Birthday this year, Pandora Benevolent Photography/Videography recorded some of the more intimate moments including the amazing track Shawk Time Killin’ Labsta Freestyle. Now the track is dropped and ready to blow up the indie freestyle charts!

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  • Never-Ending Gong Fu Cha at MKMT

    On May 14, 2011 the Pandora Benevolent Society participated a third time in Miko Kuro’s Midnight Tea at Art XChange in Seattle. This time, rather than Replay Your Tea With Me, the Pandora Benevolent Society, in collaboration with Adrian Sinclair poured Go Fu Cha at two tea tables, 4-handed style.

    Miko Kuro’s Midnight Tea is a collaborative experiment in Genuine Encounter, created by poet and conceptual artist, Natasha Marin. MKMT has been held over 20 times in 4 countries. More information available at:

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  • New photos posted: Brief Encounters 16

    Some new photos have been posted. These ones are from the 16 installment of the Brief Encounters Series produced by Vancouver’s own Tomrrow Collective, again at Performance Works in Gastown.

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  • Replay Your Tea With Me 2011 Exhibition Schedule

    Check out the Replay Your Tea With Me page for a list of proposed dates, locations and events where Replay Your Tea With Me will be exhibited for 2011 and 2012. This list is very tentative at this time and will be updated as plans are finalized and juries yay or nay entries to various arts festivals. Also keep an eye on this news page, as we’ll post notices of dates firming up and posting updates on the particulars of the Replay Your Tea Lounge.

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  • New photos posted: BWB Cheb i Sabbah @ Red Room

    Some new photos have been posted. These ones are from Beats Without Borders’ Cheb i Sabbah event at the Red Room in Vancouver, 21 Oct 2010. This was a really exciting and entertaining show. Cheb i Sabbah is always a true crowd pleaser. In case you missed this event, please come out to the next Beats Without Borders event: Beats Antique at the Biltmore Cabaret.

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