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FPV Flying Robots

FPV Flying Robots is an ongoing project for the Pandora Benevolent Society. It involves creating and flying semi-autonomous flying machines. These machines are used to capture aerial video and photographs, to provide a different view of our surroundings and document the beauty of nature. As UAV or drone aircraft become ever more popular in world military and police use, the Pandora Benevolent Society believes it’s important for everyone to know how these sorts of aircraft are designed, flown and what their capabilities are. To that end, the Pandora Benevolent Society conducts workshops and presentations on how to create your own FPV Flying Robots using commercially-available kits and components, and encourages widespread adoption of this exciting, challenging and rewarding activity. An important part of this educational movement is how to create and fly these robots safely, legally and responsibly.

FPV, or First Person View, refers to piloting a remotely-operated vehicle from the perspective of the vehicle. With FPV Flying Robots, you will pilot the robot from the view of the robot itself, as though you are yourself flying.

Why are these machines robotic? The robotic autopilot in these FPV Flying Robots is primarily there for safety. If there is a fault in any radio link, the robot will fly itself back home and (optionally) land. The robotic autopilot can also stabilize the aircraft, stabilize a camera, loiter, hold position or follow pre-determined waypoints.

Water Shots

A short collection of water shots taken during 2012 from a variety of multi-copters. All shots taken on a GoPro HD2.

Music by PorchCat.

Maker Faire 2012

At the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire (June 23-24, 2012) we flew a small multi-rotor robot around a number of times and recorded an aerial view of most of the event. Here’s a sampler of what the Maker Faire looked like from the air(e).

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2012
The Pandora Benevolent Society showed off FPV Flying Robots at the 2012 Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. A big thank you to all who came down to the Maker Faire June 23-24, 2012 to see, among many other things, what flying robots look like, how they are made and how they fly.